SolidCAM is the de-facto standard Gold-Certified integrated CAM-Engine for SolidWorks. SolidCAM provides seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to the SolidWorks design model. All machining operations are defined, calculated and verified, without leaving the SolidWorks window.

2.5D Milling
The ultimate Productivity Tool
SolidCAM provides both interactive and automated powerful 2.5D milling operations on SolidWorks models. SolidCAM offers one of the best pocketing algorithms in the market. Full toolpath control and powerful algorithms ensure that the user can manufacture the way he needs to.


3D Milling
Powerful, Flexible, Efficient
SolidCAM's 3D Milling can be used both for prismatic parts and for complex 3D models. For prismatic parts SolidCAM analyzes the model and automatically recognizes pockets and profiles to be machined using Z-constant machining strategies.
For complex 3D models including aerospace parts, molds and dies, electrodes and prototypes.


High Speed Machining
SolidCAM HSM is a very powerful and market-proven high-speed-machining module (HSM) for molds, tools and dies and complex 3D parts. The HSM module offers unique machining and linking strategies for generating high-speed toolpaths.

SolidCAM’s HSM module smooths the paths of both cutting moves and retracts wherever possible to maintain a continuous machine tool motion – an essential requirement for maintaining higher feedrates and eliminating dwelling.


3+2 Axis Multi-Sided Machining
Program complex Machining Operations in record time With SolidCAM, programming and machining of multi-sided parts on 4- and 5-Axis machining centers is efficient and profitable. SolidCAM is an industry leader in this type of machining. SolidCAM rotates the SolidWorks model to the user-defined machining planes and automatically calculates all necessary shifts and tilts for the 3D machining coordinate systems.


5-Axis Simultaneous Milling
Fully utilize your 5-Axis CNC centers
Simultaneous 5-axis machining is becoming more and more popular due to the need for reduced machining times, better surface finish and improved life span of tools. SolidCAM utilizes all the advantages of Simultaneous 5-Axis machining and together with collision control and machine simulation, provides a solid base for your 5-axis solution.


turning Turning and Turning with Driven Tools
A powerful integrated Turn-Mill capability enables the turning and milling operations to be programmed in the same environment. Access to the complete 2.5-5 axis milling is available. SolidCAM provides support for up to 5-Axis (XYZCB) Turn-Mill CNC machines including back-spindle operations.


wire_edm Wire EDM
The Wire-EDM CAM-Module for your shop
SolidCAM Wire EDM handles profiles and tapers with constant and variable angles, as well as 4-axis contours. SolidCAM's intelligent algorithms prevent the falling of material pieces by automatic pocket processing. SolidCAM provides full user control of stop-points and of wire cutting conditions at any point of the profile or taper.

i-machinery imachining
SolidCAM's revolutionary iMachining module
Save up to 70% of machining time and increase tool life dramatically with SolidCAM’s new iMachining module! iMachining brings efficiency to a new level for CAM users - with an optimal toolpath and a Technology Wizard for automatic calculation of cutting conditions.