ZWCAD software, as a highly reliable and powerful CAD tool, meets the needs of 2D/3D design & drafting industry, including architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), mechanics, electronics…and anyone who creates CAD drawings.

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What industries currently use SOLIDWORKS?

Every industry faces a unique set of challenges in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. SOLIDWORKS offers solutions that can help with the toughest engineering problems. Even yours.

Consumers Product & Packaging

3D Designing & Simulation technologies that would enable to produce better, faster & smarter innovations for the changing needs of consumers


Industrial Automation & Robotics

Reach new heights in production process improvements with faster and accurate designing and validation techniques



Shorten design cycles, accelerate time-to-market, reduce development costs, & cut scrap & rework costs with 3D Designing, Simulation, etc.


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InteriCAD T6 is a professional business solution for interior design and furnishing industries. With YFCAD’s cutting-edge technology, we deliver the truly fast, impressive and accurate design software for you to create stunning designs and shorten your sales cycle in business end.

For Who?

  • Interior Designer & Consultant; Design Company/ Studio
  • Interior Architect; Architect
  • Builder; Contractor; Carpenter; Decorator
  • Furniture/ Building Materials/ Kitchen &
  • Cabinet Manufacturers and Showrooms


InteriCAD8000, the 14th major upgrade of our AutoCAD-based software, is a new range of software developed on the basis of interior design working procedure. It has been chosen by thousands of designers from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, UAE, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Poland and other 80 countries.

Working together with the newly released InteriCAD8000, designers are able to combine the initial stage of communication & interaction with clients, the middle stage of design visualization, and the final stage of project presentation & sharing into one organic whole. This will consequentially ignite the revolution in the interior design industry.


Specially designed for showroom salesman of ceramic tile, sanitary ware and other building materials, Ceramic King is a very user-friendly and intelligent tool for design, communication and sale.

Ceramic King helps users present their products more attractively in vivid 3D scenes, allow customers to visualize the actual effect of house decoration in advance, and increase showroom sales.

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