Familiar interface & similar commands

Compatible with most CAD software & support the latest DWG format. Easy-to-use features save you a lot of time & money


Seamless compatibility with other CAD software

Having gone through over 50,000 extremely rigorous drawing tests to guarantee seamless .dwg compatibility, ZWCAD makes cross-platform communication easier than ever before. Compare ZWCAD with other CADs and see how ZWCAD meets your needs at a better price


Enjoy innovative experience: ZWCAD smart series.

The easiest way to use CAD software. Take more delight in your design

  • SmartMouse
  • SmartSelect
  • SmartVoice
  • SmartPeek


Fluent and Solid Working with Complex Design Tasks

ZWCAD opens any drawings with memory usage reduced by 50%. That’s why it works smoothly with drawings that are even over 100MB. It ensures non-stop operation throughout the day


Efficient Design Tools for Productive Drawing

Do great things with most productive tools ZCAD gives you the most incredible experience for doing what you do

  • Dynamic Block
  • Match Property
  • Object Isolation
  • Import DGN
  • File Compare
  • Tool Palettes
  • Super Hatch
  • Reference Manager
  • Overkill

Flexible workflow between desktop & mobile

ZWCAD mobile solution – CAD Pockets for mobile devices, it lets you work freely on your desktop & on the go

Code-level Compatible APIs for Better Solutions

ZRX, ARX and .NET are code-level compatible. Lisp routines can now run directly on ZWCAD with only a few modifications. New APIs enable developers to port applications to ZWCAD 10 times faster

Better value for your budget

  • Budget-friendly price with powerful features
  • No mandatory annual upgrades
  • Non-expiring license with latest version upgrade

Related industries

What industries currently use ZWCAD?

Every industry faces a unique set of challenges in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. ZWCAD offers solutions that can help with the toughest engineering problems. Even yours.

Architecture & Construction

How to deliver innovative & cost effective designs & projects?


Compare products

Choose the product that best suits your need

ZWCAD software, as a highly reliable and powerful CAD tool, meets the needs of 2D/3D design & drafting industry, including architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), mechanics, electronics and anyone who creates CAD drawings.

ZWCAD 2018

ZWCAD 2018 still maintains the interface and commands that users are familiar with. The improvements mainly focus on User Interface (UI) and Customization (CUI), Efficiency and Stability, as well as many Useful Tools such as Quick Calculator and MVSETUP.

  • New Dark Theme UI
  • Empowered Customization for User Interface
  • Speed Up 146% and Improved Stability
  • New Features and Enhancements
  • Better API, More Applications

ZWCAD 2017

ZWCAD 2017 is the flagship product of ZWSOFT. It is a multilingual 2D/3D CAD tool used by different professionals across a wide range of industries such as AEC, engineering, manufacturing and GIS. It offers a strong feature set, fast performance on large designs, support of standards, and affordability.

ZWCAD Architecture is a professional CAD software for architects who want immediate productivity. It includes content libraries and tools designed specifically for architectural drawings, which enhance the workflow, automate tedious drafting task, reduce errors and increase efficiency.

ZWCAD Mechanical for manufacturing provides abundant tools such as shaft generator, tolerance dimension, surface texture symbol, balloon and BOM and standards parts for mechanical 2D sheet drawing.

  • 3D CAD
  • Simulation
  • Electrical Design
  • Visualization

ZWCAD Classic

ZWCAD Classic is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD solution developed by ZWCAD Software Co.Ltd. It provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features for engineers in the AEC and MCAD industries, easing their design process.

  • Compatibility with other cad software
  • Fast and stable experience
  • Efficient tools for productive drawing
  • Easy-to-use functionality

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