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Engineer/ Analyst

Analysts can confidently and efficiently validate designs through advanced simulation technology, drastically reducing the time and resource costs associated with traditional prototyping and testing.

3dexperience SOLIDWorks

The industry-leading SOLIDWORKS desktop CAD combined with powerful browser-based design solutions and secure, convenient cloud-based data management. You can build complex designs and accelerate progress from concept to production stages so you can get to market ahead of time while improving product quality.

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Use this comprehensive structural analysis solution to see how products will behave in real life, guide engineering decisions, and optimize product performance—as well as avoid unnecessary expensive prototypes. And the workflow integrates seamlessly with 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, so you can easily analyze as you design, preventing time-consuming rework later.

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collaborative bUSINESS INNOVATOR

Unite team members in all locations and within all disciplines in a secure shared environment that facilitates collaboration and builds knowledge sharing into business processes to maximize the value of your team members and resources. Communities, instant messaging, information dashboards, powerful search capabilities and other features empower team members with critical information, validation, collaborative capability and helpful feedback.

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Get maximized visibility into and control over your organization’s critical business data at every important juncture—and put it to work to create a peak-performing enterprise. Comprehensive data management, lifecycle management, revision and version control, workflow/route management, issue and change management, review and markup capabilities and task management empower users to increase efficiency, shorten processes, and optimize your business.

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