Learning path for SOLIDWORKS Certification

Learning path for SOLIDWORKS Certification

SOLIDWORKS gives you the power to drive innovation. With millions of users around the world, SOLIDWORKS has proven to be a market leader in 3D mechanical design and engineering.  SOLIDWORKS is an excellent example of how certification can distinguish a standout designer or design engineer from the rest of the crowd. With SOLIDWORKS offering opportunities to validate your CAD skills across the entire trajectory of your career, one might wonder whether certification translates into a higher salary, more job opportunities or even just the comfort of job security.

Types of SOLIDWORKS Certification exams

The SOLIDWORKS Associate exam (CSWA) is the starting point for many CAD high school or college students who are looking to prove to employers that they can walk into a job and be productive on day one. The CSWA is a practical test (like all SOLIDWORKS professional certification exams) that covers 3D modeling, design concepts and sustainable design over the course of three hours.

When a user feels that their professional career could be enhanced with a higher level of CAD certification, Dassault offers the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional program (CSWP). Over the course of 3.5 hours, the CSWP exam tests your ability to create parts from drawings; edit equations, parameters and feature order and create assemblies, among a variety of other skills.

Finally, the most daunting test in the SOLIDWORKS Certification program is the Expert exam (CSWE). To achieve the level of SOLIDWORKS Expert, users must have already obtained a CSWP certification and have also completed four of the five individual advanced topics exams.

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Learning path for SOLIDWORKS Certification

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