solidworks tyre tutorial

SOLIDWORKS Solutions for the Tyre Manufacturing Industry

solidworks tyre tutorial

Modern Automobile and off-road tires are highly engineered products that need to be Upgraded for 2D Design to 3D Design methods. 3D Solid modeling system enable to Reduce costs, Optimize Material usage, Shorten design cycles, and Improve quality

Our solution SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD provides realistic 3D Design solutions with powerful mold development and assembly design capabilities, is integrated with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems, includes design analysis and communication tools, and met the company’s specific needs.

 Most of our Customers like Camso Loadstar, Trelleborg Lanka, Elastomeric, Eu-Retec, Samson Rubber, Wheelworks, AMW switched to our integrated SolidWorks product development solutions because the software is more robust and stable, the tools are better integrated, and more designers and engineers know how to use it.  By switching to a 3D solid modeling system Companies able to,

  • Increased the design efficiency by 10 to 15%
  • Reduce Mold design time by 15-30%
  • Reduce the engineering change by 20 – 60%
  • Optimized material usage
  • Shorten design cycles

As the sole authorized re-seller for SOLIDWORKS in Sri Lankan territory, ACECAM Pvt Ltd 100% committed to provide best technical support and training and also customized training according to the client requirements.

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